GradeNation provides Google Android and Apple iPhone Apps for use by Pittsburgh Public High School students and their parents and/or guardians toGoogle Android app track and project performance in qualifying for The Pittsburgh Promise (potentially a $30,000 scholarship for use at an accredited college, university, or trade and technical school in Pennsylvania – see qualification details). The GradeNation App provides up-to-date information on attendance and grade point average (GPA) status and trends.

Download the Google Android version (click here — for phones made by Google, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, and many others) or scan the QR Code to the right using a QR Reader App on your phone.

Apple iPhone appIn time, the GradeNation App will grow into a full-scale Early Warning System addressing attendance, behavior, and academics for students across the United States and potentially beyond. The App will feature a recommendation engine to engage and guide students, teachers, parents, and administrators with “new knowledge” about how to succeed in school.

Download the Apple iPhone version (click here) or scan the QR Code to the left using a QR Reader App on your phone.

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