Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I’ve got a question or problem not addressed in the list below. How do I get help?
    Please tweet (using your Twitter account) to @GradeNationDave or use the Leave a Reply (aka Comment) box at the bottom of this page to submit your question. We’ll post an answer as quickly as possible. If you’d like us to contact you directly, please use our “Contact” page instead: (click here).
  2. How do I sign up for a GradeNation App account?
    i) Download the Google Android version from here: GradeNation Android, or the Apple iPhone version from here: GradeNation iPhone.
    ii) Launch the App. After the Welcome screen disappears, click the “Sign Up” button, enter your Pittsburgh Public School (PPS) email address, then enter and confirm a password. While the password for the App can be unique, to avoid confusion you may choose to use the same password as for your PPS email account.
    iii) Access your PPS email account, open the email from GradeNation, and click the link to verify your email address. This is a required SECURITY step. If you do not know your PPS email address and/or password, please contact your school’s IT support staff.
    iv) You may now Log In to the App using your PPS email address and chosen password.
  3. I successfully created an account but have forgotten my GradeNation App password. It’s not the same as my PPS email account password.
    On the GradeNation App welcome screen, click the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the instructions.
  4. How does GradeNation use and share my data?
    GradeNation does not share your data with unauthorized parties. Read more about our Privacy Policy here:

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